Enjoy a fruity mix of strawberry, banana, and watermelon with this Bling Diamond disposable vape. Made with high quality food grade ingredients, it has a perfect coil and airflow to produce thick flavors and ultimate clouds.

Contains up to 600 puffs of refreshingly bling vaping banana in a convenient and portable Blu Bar device. Easy to use and USB-C rechargeable for ease of mind, this disposable vape works with your lifestyle to provide a hassle-free experience.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain was one of the most important songs Prince ever wrote. It put him on the map as a rock star, and it inspired the movie that bears its name. The song was a hit for years, and it has since become an icon. It is also known for its oblique lyrics, which many fans have struggled to interpret.

While some people have interpreted the song as a warning of the apocalypse, others have taken it as a message of renewal. The ambiguities of the song’s lyrics have helped it to remain relevant over time. Prince was raised a Seventh-day Adventist, so it is possible that his religion played a role in the creation of the song.

The music video for the song was shot at First Avenue in Minneapolis, where the band Prince was playing live. The set was lit up in purple, which made the song look even more amazing. It was the last song of the set at the Super Bowl XLI halftime show, and it actually started to rain during the performance. The rain added to the effect and created a memorable experience for the audience.

Melon Ice

If you’re a fruit and menthol fanatic, Melon Ice is the vape for you. This mouth watering mix features a refreshing blend of juicy, honeydew melon and fresh cantaloupe for a sweet, yet intense flavor experience. It’s finished off with a splash of cool menthol for the ultimate refresher.

Watermelons are high in citrulline, which helps reduce muscle soreness after a workout. They also contain arginine, which increases blood flow and can help you achieve peak performance. Watermelon ice can be used to add a cooling effect to drinks, or to make your own unique flavored sherbet.

Melon Ice is available in a disposable pod device that’s perfect for those transitioning to vaping. It comes pre-filled with a 1.7ml bottle of eliquid at your chosen nicotine strength, and has a rechargeable battery that delivers over 3500 puffs (outlasting 20 packs of cigarettes). The device is made from light 304 stainless steel for a comfortable hand feel and features an easy-to-use design.


Watermelon is a summer staple – whether it’s in a fruit salad, in a smoothie or simply eaten straight up. But did you know that this popular summer treat is packed full of nutrients?

The white flesh near the rind contains citrulline, which converts to the amino acid arginine. Citrulline can help improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels. It can also reduce the lactic acid build up that causes muscle soreness. And it can help lower blood pressure, according to research published in the journal Menopause.

Another benefit of watermelon is its vitamin C content, which is important for a healthy immune system. It’s also rich in antioxidants, which can fight free radical damage and protect against disease. And finally, it contains vitamin A, which helps to combat dry skin and promote healthy skin cells. It can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Watermelon is low in sugar, which makes it a good choice for those who have to watch their calorie intake.

Strawberry Banana

A bright pink strawberry banana smoothie is a quick and easy breakfast or snack that you can whip up at home. It only requires four ingredients: strawberries, ripe banana, milk and Greek yogurt. The berries add natural sweetness, while the milk and yogurt make it creamy and frothy. You can also use any type of milk that you prefer — cow’s, almond, coconut or oat will all work well! For a little extra flavor, add a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.

This disposable vape pod is a convenient way to experience the smooth, sweet taste of banana with a cooling blast of menthol. The Blu Bar is available in a variety of fruity, icy, and dessert flavors to suit any mood. It uses high-quality food grade materials and has a perfect coil and airflow for thick flavors and ultimate clouds.